None of my art looked good as a header image for the new twitter layout so I repainted this old thing. You can see the old one here:

I didn’t use textures for this, just like 874359874589745 layers of painting, embossing and overlays out the ass. I will spend ten hours painting walls if I have to. They’re one of my favourite things to paint, especially if they’re really old and wasted looking…or are bloodstained. 


I am just an aggregate of other people’s pain. 

9ish hours, mypaint + krita. Thanks for those who attended the stream!

Commission for a friend. They pretty much gave me free reign over this- they said they like ponies and dark art with splashes of colour, so I ran with that. 

9 hours in krita. Getting used to using it slooowly. 

Thanks to those who joined me in the livestream!

I’m tired of sucking at perspective and tired of drawing my characters a different way each time, soooo I am going to eventually 3D model all of their heads so I can get a better feel for their design (feels weird saying that since I cREATED THEM but I’m awful at consistency, so…)

The process of making this has been exceptionally helpful. It made me think about his anatomy and physiology more and made me reassess some design choices.

I just wanna put a note here because I’ve been asked a lot of times if I’ll do 3D commissions: they’re not available for the time being as I’m really new to 3D art (this is my third model and the first two I did were videogame props.) I want to open them eventually but yeah, not confident enough at it yet. I can’t wait until I am, though.

I used Blender, and painted over one of the renders with photoshop. This ugly mofo is a character from my headworld, soon to be a encyclopedia art book, graphic novel and eventually a videogame.

Made in Blender. 

I’m sick of drawing my characters faces inconsistently and sucking at face perspective soooo I decided I’d 3D model them and make turnarounds using it as a base. 

It’s forced me to think about actual structures more, and made me realize some really stupid mistakes I kept doing. Like placing Vaughan’s eyes on the side of his face on side view, but front on front view. Being that he is a sentient creature he most likely evolved from a predator race, and predators have front-facing eyes (because they don’t have to see all around them to gtfo danger like herbivores do. They need to focus on a target more.)

I haven’t been posting WIPs and sketches here, or anywhere, and will continue to be super picky with what I end up showing. If you want art I don’t post anywhere else, go give my facebook page a like. I’ll run raffles and stuff from there too in future. 

The break from 2D has been much needed I think. I dunno when I’ll end up finishing this, might hold out till I get a better CPU and more RAM. We’ll see. It’s really exciting working on stuff like this, though…it’s concept art for my graphic novel and getting me a step closer to working on it/ my art book (I need to understand how my characters faces work REALLY WELL for that sorta stuff.) 


Monsterify commissions for Saskawolftail and Monkau. 

I made the swap to Linux (using mint), so I’m using Mypaint and Krita now instead of photoshop. I like them a lot more, and I don’t have to keep shelling out ridiculous amounts of cash for a program that isn’t even really the best at what it does. 

…duel-booting windows 7 for vidyagaems though, of course. <3 

Saska’s (top) was technically a by-the-hour because they gave me instructions on what to draw, so the design was created from a text description but it’s not entirely my own ‘monsterify’ design. 

Commission info 

One day you will fly away from here
One day you’ll leave your hurts behind
Above and Beyond- Love is Not Enough (listened to on repeat while drawing this. STILL not sick of it.)

My very belated Valentines Day contribution. I underestimated how long it’d take and overworked myself pretty badly which slowed me down a lot. 

The concept behind this is centred around self-love, growth and letting go, and how they all go hand in hand, and how sadness can shape you into something amazing if you let it. Like, I get it- people are desperate to be in relationships a lot of the time because the media shoves that down our throats, but…there’s so much more that’s important. And if you become desperate for a relationship you fall in love with the idea of people more than the people themselves and that’s not fair on anyone involved.

So focus on stuff that matters. Like loving yourself first and learning to be alone comfortably.  Personally I think it’s bullshit we even need a day to devote to love of all kinds— but, well, I wanted to draw something for it that conveyed something other than the depressing side of heartbreak or overly lovey-dovey stuff.

I come from eight years of abuse and a trainwreck of a relationship life and I came out of it as a better person than I was before. So every Valentines Day I like to remind myself of this, and remind others that it’s possible to live a full life without relying on romantic love. 

30 hours over 3 days, 20 layers, photoshop CS4. MY EYES BURN I am going to sleep for fifteen hours tonight ughagfhf. Brb while I never draw ever again. 

Kinda a mashup of last years V’day image and the year before’s.