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Anonymous asked
Do you have any up-to-date references of your characters? :0

Whichever is the most recent artwork of them really; my deviantart gallery is probably best for that: 

I change their designs every so often for funsies. Like Amzarah’s eyes are sometimes brown, sometimes golden, sometimes icy blue and leaking as an example. I like seeing people’s interpretations of my characters so I don’t really feel the need for refs, I guess, aha. I’m not stressed about people drawing them like 100% “correct” cos in my mind there’s no such thing! 

Sorry I can’t be more specific. >___> 

Product of the livestream tonight. 

I’m going to make some character art for stickers, prints, and PWYW wallpaper packs. This is one of them. A character I don’t draw enough. </3

Rhiger! He’s a dumb fuzzy ball of hatred and bitterness. Maybe because he has no middle finger to flip people off with. 

5 hours, Mypaint and Krita 

It’s been so long since I’ve drawn anything, let alone something I’ve been happy with- this started as a desperate attempt to just sketch and then…well, I can’t really explain the result. Vaughan bein’ Vaughan, I guess. 

About 6 hours, mypaint and krita. I listened to this song on repeat during painting this (Tiësto & Wolfgang Gartner - We Own The Night ft. Luciana.) I think it influenced the outcome somehow. Wolfgang’s music usually makes me draw some fucked up shit for some reason. 

Anywho, enjoy!

I dream words a lot. I needed to get this out before it escaped me. 

Speedy sketchthing. I told you I’d still post my ‘usual’ stuff occasionally— my mind is far too dark for me not to churn personal art out, hah.  Now back to work with me!

Pictured above are some dated concept illustrations I have done for my headworld in the past.

As some of you already know, I’m working on an art book. It will span over two volumes, and it will be a concept art and illustration collection of this world I have stuck in my head at present moment: Hyaline. Each section in the book will be broken up by region with text accompanying the front page of each. The work that goes into this book will pave the way for the comic I really want to work on, involving my characters that you see posted a lot here. 

I was doing animal studies at random to try and improve my creature design skills, but there was no point in doing so because I’ve proven I can draw from life- I just kept doubting my ability to draw well enough to have a book full of my art. Which is silly. And it’s especially silly because the art I didn’t like had barely any planning put into it anyway. 

So, imma do it this (the professional) way: 

I will pick a region in Hyaline, and I will research environments on Earth which are similar right down to the animals and plants that live there. I will do life studies of the animal/s and plant/s and object/s for which I want to base my animal/s and plant/s and object/s off, and then from what I’ve learned I will draw some silhouettes and prototype designs and play around to see what works best. Then I will go onto drawing the final design concept art. 

The studies I do for my concept art will be posted here whilst the prototypes, silhouettes etc will be sent to those who are subscribed to my mailing list and some will make it to the books themselves also. The final design concept art, and illustrations, will be reserved for the book ONLY. 

As a result: most of what you will see me post for the next 12 months will be life drawing and sketches. Formerly I was estimating a six month completion date, but calculating how many weeks I’ll have to work with I think twelve is the better bet. I aim to have the content completed in this time, however it may vary if my living/financial conditions change (updates will be posted in the ‘Art of an alien planet’ tag regarding progress.) Working on this project will be my full time job. 

If you would like to subscribe to my newsletter, send an e-mail to with the subject Subscribe me pls. I will send out art no one else will see, write more in depth how the progress is coming along, and if I open commissions those subscribed will be the first to know about it (and have priority slots.) 

I think that’s all I had to say. Personal art and whathaveyou will pop up every now and again, but otherwise this place is gonna be fairly boring as far as art goes (please bear with me!) Artworks will be posted in bulk, rather than individually, unless personal art. 

Thanks for all the support, guys. Forever appreciated. 


Tl;dr version: I was gonna draw a tonne of animals from life and stylize them to learn to draw animals better cos I was unhappy with my creature designs. I didn’t draw full body giraffes in this because I realized something: it’s a waste of time; I’ve proven I can draw from life well, there’s no point in randomly drawing animals from life without purpose. 

SOOOoo I’m gonna write a tumblr entry today- I’m ready to draw for my book, just been approaching it wrong. But yea, that’ll explain more about my plans. 

Until then: giraffes and rhinos! Woo.